Restroom Floor Tile Installation – Do Not Make This Mistake

Special-purpose ceramic tiles are also available heat-resistant tiles for around fireplaces and next to boilers and frost-resistant tiles for unheated outside WCs, for example.

One of the most popular bathroom tile problems decorating ideas is to tackle the shower tiles. You can add some attention-grabbing designs to the typical square contoured shower tiles that are of a light single color. You can etch out attractive designs on the tiles with the help of a stencil purchased from a craft store or that is hand crafted. The stenciled motifs should complement your bathroom’s interior design theme.

Before you start placing your tiles make sure the concrete is clean and in good condition. Using a good concrete cleaner and scrub brush remove any dirt and grease or oil that may be on the surface. This will help in forming good adhesion. Make certain that the concrete is completely dry before you begin.

Seasons- Often retailers will sell a certain style of tiling materials at a particular season to complete the project, so you can find good deals on such occasions. You can also pick different discount types in matching designs can make your floor to look unique, eye-catching and stylish.

Most adhesive manufacturers say wait 24 hours but 18 hours in warm weather is usually OK. Starting at the farthest point from the door (assuming there is only one) install your grout using a sponge rubber float and pressing the grout down into the grout joints on a 45 degree angle to the joints. You want to fill the joint and leave it just very slightly concave. If you use the float in line with the joints you will see you are removing more grout than you want. Very quickly you will get the hang of it. Do a small area that again you can easily reach. After the grout is in, using a wet sponge with clean water and wrung out, wipe off as much excess grout as possible.

As usual, the best medicine is preventative. Preventing stains and mars will save you from a lot of scrubbing and heartache. Putting floor mats at entryways will help keep dirt off tile problems. Dirt and small stones can scratch floors. Sealing your ceramic tile will add a protective layer. It will especially help repel grout stains. Sealing is especially helpful on floors with light colored tile and in the bathroom, where mold and mildew can discolor it. You may want to calk grout that is in areas where there is a lot of water.

Build the shower floor first. The shower floor you see as ceramic tile and grout is not waterproof. The tile and especially the grout are porous and so a liner under the surface of the floor is needed to keep the water from damaging the area around the shower. When a shower pan leaks, some part of the waterproofing plan has failed.

Dry floor with rags. If your tile has textural features, it is likely that some dirt will be captured in the crevices. Add an appropriate cleanser to your steamer and steam the floor, wiping and drying as you go. Heat from the steamer should remove almost all remaining grime from the floor. Dry your floor completely so you don’t leave water spots on the tile from the minerals in your water.

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